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European Commission

Finding value in EMEA (PEWire)

“For private market investors, one of the ways to consider unlocking value is to see what is happening in Europe’s renewable energy sector, which ties in closely to the European Green Deal; an ambitious initiative that aims to transition the EU to a low-carbon economy.”

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Europe Looks to Loosen ‘Overly Burdensome’ Rules on Sell-Side Research (Institutional Investor)

July 26, 2020 | File Under: , ,

“New amendments to MiFID would ease restrictions related to fixed income and small- and mid-cap companies.”- by Amy Whyte

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Investors relish opportunities EU ‘Green Deal’ will kickstart

February 27, 2020 | File Under: ,

“Asset owners say they expect that the European Union’s recently announced “Green Deal” will provide them with a clearer framework to evaluate, measure and participate in sustainable investment opportunities, which are set to increase under the ambitious package.” – by Paulina Pielichata

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Meet the commissioners (Politico)

September 11, 2019 | File Under: , , ,

“Ursula von der Leyen has unveiled her picks for the next European Commission.” – by Lili Bayer, Hannah Brenton et. al

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Ursula von der Leyen’s election is a bad day for Emmanuel Macron (New Statesman)

July 17, 2019 | File Under: , , ,

“The election is a reminder that ultimately it’s member states who have primacy, not European-wide institutions. ” – by Stephen Bush

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Blood Moons, Animal Spirits and Hunting Knives

H2 2019 Europe Update

Investor trepidation towards Europe in today’s markets is understandable.  Regional macro data remain anemic.  Europe continues to produce weak data, Euro-Area economic sentiment saw its worst losing streak in a decade and low interest rates are set to continue throughout the medium term.  Meanwhile, the Fed has raised rates nine times since December 2015, taking […]

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Navigating Europe in 2019

Themes and Risks Investors in Europe to Consider in 2019

We are nearly 20 years into the new millennium and it is an unrecognizable place compared to when it started.  Lehman is gone, Bear Stearns – gone, Merrill Lynch – acquired, Citigroup is a fraction of its former self.  Blockbuster, Toys R Us, Woolworths are all part of the history books now.  Europe, where we […]

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Italy backs down in its budget standoff with the E.U. (Washington Post)

December 19, 2018 | File Under: , ,

“The populist Italian government’s first experiment in challenging Europe appeared to near its conclusion Tuesday with reports of the most conventional of outcomes: an agreement with Brussels bureaucrats.”

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Italy Vows to Stick to Budget That Breaches EU Rules (WSJ)

October 23, 2018 | File Under: , , ,

“Italy’s government vowed to forge ahead with its spending plans, despite warnings by the European Union that its proposed budget would breach the bloc’s fiscal rules, raising the chances of a clash with Brussels.”

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